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Wednesday, May 4, 2011




Sunday, August 2, 2009

Long Long time ago~~~

it has been very long!!!!!!! finally i took my free time to update my post although my gf has been asking me to update it for so long~ hahaha... i dont even know how to blog anymore actually. k....hmm... wa.. life isnt easyfor me since im in the unit. 5 SIR. i Dont know why also but after i am in Ns i dun realli have the mood to blog anymore.

After Passing out from BMT, surprisingly i was posted to SMTI at Nee Soon camp as a combat medic! hahaha. n again i passed out as a medic! haha. and my gf came to see me on tht day too :)

Recently my unit was involved in NDP.. and i am one of the helper there.. these photos are taken yesterday :)

My Sergeants

Me n YanNeng

Weijie, my platoon mate
The Props for the performance, i had to move these back n forth . tiring -.-

haha one of my fav , apple crumble !

Fireworks!!! :D Damn nice. I was like screaming when i watch it everyweek !

n lastly a video of the fireworks at the end.. THE BEST MAN!!!! hahahaha enjoy~~:)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

POP LO! Yeah!

Finally after 13 weeks of training... POP LO!!!!! hahaha... quite long never update my blog already.. for the past few posts its my gf who updated my blog.. haha.. thanks baby:)




My platoon mates.. SP company Platoon 10

Leibin and his friends
My parents, my gf and me :)
Ernest and his mom





Our platoon Best Pt. DAVE yeo!
Lastly, Our platoon sergeant.. hahaha.. too bad my section commander not free.. hahaha

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy New Year!

恭喜发财 everybody!
Just got approval can go oversea, going back my hometown to celebrate new year!

Bring girlfriend along also, unfortunately I'm having high-fever 39degree, plus flu,
sore-throat so dizzy also. But my girlfriend don't care me!

Eat reunion dinner, 吃火锅, 捞鱼生 & 看烟火.

This child here is my niece but she don't let me hug for don't know what reason.
Whenever i hug her she will like going to cry anytime -.-

Guess she's afraid of botak, but my gf say cause i got pervert uncle face -.- anyhow.
Got meh? ...

But she kept play around and chase my gf around of our table.

My gf can be cute "sometimes" only i think.

The fireworks this year wasn't so nice as last year.
But it's quite fun to celebrate my new year with my girlfriend i guess?

New year definitely can't left this out, which is 拜年!
It's great to be not married sometimes! hahaha

Firecracker that can't be miss out for new year!

Ok, the 红包 is more then enough for me to buy a HD LCD TV for me and my girlfriend room.
So excited can play ps3 in room with girlfriend.

I'm here wishing everybody 身体健康!!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Accompany girlfriend to go over Geylang lorong 22 to get Devil May Cry 4 PS3 games.
Seriously this game is fun, after getting the games brought her to lorong 17 to eat 点心.

Order this.

When back home soon after eating, so tired.
In the end reach home tempt to play Devil may cry,

While playing girlfriend stay beside me with her puppy also.
Then i keep play till they both fall asleep -.-"

Can't stand her. Sit down also can sleep.

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